Galaxy Frozen Custard

  • Our lightly toasted sandwiches taste great on their own, but you can add a shake to enjoy a combo that’s out of this world!
  • Our silky smooth frozen custard in your choice of creamy vanilla, rich chocolate, or our flavor of the day. Choose your scoop size from child’s to triple. Served in a cup, cake cone, waffle cone, or decorated waffle bowl.
    Cups & Cones
  • Our frozen custard sundaes in your choice of creamy vanilla, rich chocolate, or our flavor of the day.
  • Earthlings call these concretes. Our out of this world creamy custard hand blended with your choice of mix-ins. Served “above the rim” with a spoon. Choice of regular or large.
    Galaxy Swirl
  • We gladly hand pack any daily flavor in our convenient pint and quart take home containers. Pre-packed half-pints in our most popular flavors are also available.
    Pints, Quarts & Pre-pack
  • Our delicious custard hand blended with whole milk and your favorite syrup or mix-ins. The smoothest milkshake your tongue will ever taste! Choice of regular or large.
    Galaxy Shakes & Malts
  • Two scoops of our creamy vanilla custard served with an iced bottle of soda. Your choice of root beer, orange cream, huckleberry, or sarsaparilla.
    Galaxy Floats
  • Try one of our special menu items, like the UFO, The Black Hole, or a Stuffed Waffle Cone!
    Special Menu Items

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    Store Location

  • 25 W Parrish Ln, Centerville, Utah

    Located on the corner of Parrish and Main in Centerville, Utah.

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